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Listen to Mr. Eerie's Mystery Series

Step into the world of Mr. Eerie’s Disturbing Detective Agency, where assistance with spooky and unusual encounters is just a phone call away. A family friendly podcast full of original and unsettling stories. Aimed at ages 9+.

About the Author

Aaron Robbins is a storyteller and podcaster with a heart for middle grade fiction. During his character animation training, Aaron was mentored by the best storytellers in the business. He had the opportunity to work with creatives from Disney, Pixar, ILM and DreamWorks. In addition to being a storyteller Aaron has been podcasting fiction for a dozen years and has served as an adjunct professor of podcast production and new media storytelling. He lives and works in California and can often be found in Burbank at The Iliad Used Bookshop.

News & Announcements

Mr. Eerie’s Trick or Treat Theories: Spooky Tales This Halloween!

This fall, Mr. Eerie's Mystery Series has uncovered four special Halloween episodes. Starting the last week of September, enjoy four episodes from the tome of "Mr. Eerie's Trick or Treat Theories". Don’t worry, these exciting stories are suitable for everyone aged 9 and above, ensuring a fun and thrilling experience for the whole family. Looking…

The Empty Book of Everything — Now Available via Mr. Eerie’s Mystery Series.

We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of wonderfully important new content for all detectives of the odd and unusual! Step deeper into the wonderful world of Mr. Eerie's Disturbing Detective Agency by becoming an Eerie Enlistee through the Apple Podcasts monthly subscription service. Subscribers will gain exclusive access to the highly sought after…

Choose Your Own…Danger Zone! Now Available.

Edward Dunely's seemingly ordinary day at Granger Middle School takes a spine-tingling turn when a prank goes awry. On his way home his school bus head's off course hurtling towards all types of danger. Edward realizes he's trapped in a real-life Choose Your Own Adventure! With a touch of mystery and a dash of danger,…